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PaPa Bear's Doggy Den - nestled in a quiet glen - fields and trees - tons of fun -

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Let Us Love Your Pet!

That’s our jingle and our mantra. Let us love your pet! We are a small family owned boarding facility where your pet will get much more than the crate-like accommodation featured at many standard cage and concrete operations. We have created a comfy Den where your dog will feel more like a guest then a prisoner. Designed as rooms, our kennels are heated or air cooled and boast drywall construction, vinyl floors and a throw rug or two to make your pet feel at home.

At PaPa Bear’s your pet will receive individual attention with no pricey per service hook. We want your pet to be happy and entertained during his stay so we include play time in one of our three 30’ x 100’ turn out areas. We like for everyone to enjoy at least 20 minutes of time outside their unit for a nice change in scenery and a chance to burn off some energy. If your dog is the quiet type, we have plenty of room for them to enjoy time in one of the yards while other dogs romp nearby, just a double fence away. If your dog is a socialite, it is very likely that we can match them up with someone of suitable size and temperament for supervised play time. Either way interacting with a fun group of dogs in a play yard or exploring new territory alone will be the highlight of your pet’s stay at PaPa Bear’s Doggy Den.

a nice sample of our roomOur units in the Doggy Den and our satellite building the Den2 offer plenty of room for your pet to move around. The rooms are an average 4’ x 8’ and every unit includes access to a private gravel run that averages 4’ x 24’. That gives your pet nearly 100 square feet in each unit to get comfortable. We also offer family units that have 8’x8’ rooms and bigger attached runs. Our largest run being 16’ x 54’. Our Den 2 was designed with the giant breeds in mind with extra-large doors and runs wide enough for them to move about freely.

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Let Us Love Your Pet!

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